No avalanche knows how safe you think it is

Freeriding is an experience akin to the eastern religion of Tao, which is described as ‘’undefinable to non participants’’. 

It has been described as “about as close to experiencing freedom of movement as one can find without leaving the surface of the earth’’

The search for this freedom and the untamed beauty of the backcountry is why the winter mountains have become so popular and why an ever increasing number of people traverse the backcountry. This growth in popularity however is also responsible for the increasing number of avalanche accidents in Bulgaria and Europe. Today, most deaths in the winter mountain are of backcountry travelers – skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, and mountaineers. To avoid а further increase in avalanche accidents more resources and information have to be available to allow for better education, preparation and planning of backcountry recreational activities. 

This website is a side-project of a small group of  friends who also happen to enjoy spending time in the winter mountain skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering. 

What triggered this project was the fact that there is currently no resource in Bulgaria where one can look up historical data and information on the conditions in the winter mountain that would meet our needs & expectations. We started by creating a facebook chat where friends posted screenshots of the webcams in Bansko, so that we could see wind speed and direction and what has been the temperature like. Then we started collecting the relevant data in spreadsheets and finally we have decided to create a website where everyone can access this data.  

This website provides:

  • free information about historic weather observations, 
  • local snow conditions reports where experienced skiers and snowboarders share their thoughts and observations and 
  • we also link to (in our opinion) some of the best weather forecasting sites out there. 

We do not intend to issue avalanche bulletins nor do we have the resources to do so yet. Rather, we hope to be able to give users an accurate, up-to-date, and interactive resource so that they can make more informed decisions regarding the snow and avalanche conditions in the mountains.

In the future we will try to fill the website with educational resources and posts about relevant equipment, best practices and videos. We will be happy to welcome any support so if you would like to get involved, please email us at: 

contact [at] avalanche [dot] bg

Historic Weather Observations

So you can analyse the avalanche conditions yourself

Mountain Conditions Reports

prepared by experienced riders when out in the mountains

Mountain Command

The Mountain Command is a community of experienced backcountry skiers, mountaineers, climbers and active guides reporting on mountain safety and conditions. 

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