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Bulgarian Avalanche Association

With the growing practice of winter tourism and backcountry skiing and snowboarding in Bulgaria, avalanche accidents have become more frequent in recent years. The latest incidents in particular have drawn serious public attention about the need to better address the problem of avalanche safety.

In the absence of a civil service with a mandate for this role, together with a group of avalanche professionals and highly experienced mountaineers, we founded the Bulgarian Avalanche Association – a non-governmental organisation with two major ambitions:

  1. To launch the first public avalanche warning service in Bulgaria and introduce the avalanche danger rating.
  2. To support avalanche practitioners by setting up a professional training program.


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Every year, with the beginning of the winter and the first snow, thousands of mountaineering enthusiasts enter avalanche terrain, in most cases without even suspecting the dangers. Especially now, in times of a global pandemic, the number of people who choose to spend more time in the mountains is expected to increase significantly. The need for accurate information about the snow and avalanche conditions is more urgent than ever.

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